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Panasonic AJ-960 (Used)
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Panasonic AJ-960 (Used)

Price per Unit (piece): $3 500.00

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Panasonic AJ-960

The AJ-960 VTR features a built-in converter for 480p to 480i, and serial digital input and output to SMPTE 494M/EBU and 293M/294M/EBU (480p) standards.

DVCPRO50 Progressive records data at 50 Mbps with 3.3:1 DV-based compression and 4:2:0 sampling for a signal bandwidth of 360 Mbps
Built-in converter for 480p to 480i
Editing capabilities include jog/shuttle control, ±0 frame accurate editing, RS422A & RS232C ports, assemble & insert editing, preview, review and trim

capabilities. 80-event cue memory; frame or field accurate playback
Digital still and slow-motion playback at up to about half normal speed
Cue up to scenes via 8 front panel buttons designed for rapid access to pre-assigned cue points
Records up to 92 minutes in DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO P and 184 minutes in DVCPRO, 3 minutes FF/REW time with large-size, full-length cassette
Full digital component broadcast quality video and connects through a range of I/O: composite, component, SDI and SDTI in either 525 or 625
Analog composite/component video output standard (optional input)
Analog component output for 480p YPbPr standard
Serial digital input and output to SMPTE 494M/EBU and 293M/294M/EBU (480p) standards
Four digital audio channels and interfaces to external equipment via SDI, AES/EBU digital and conventional analog interconnect. One analog cue channel (2

channels in DVCPRO mode)
RS-422A 9-pin serial and RS-232C interface
High speed 32X search
SDTI for input and output of compressed data for making lossless copies (optional)

Digital Video : 625/525 switchable
Time Code : Subcode area
Digital Audio : 4 CH (50 Mbps)
Cue Track : 1 longitudinal track
Control Track : 1 longitudinal track
Tape Speed : 525: 67.640mm/s 625: 67.708mm/s
Rec/Play Time : Max. 90 min
Tape : 1/4" metal particle
FF/REW Time : Approx. 4 min
Editing Accuracy : +0 frame (TC)
Tape Time Accuracy : +1 frame (continuous CTL)
Servo Lock TIme : Within 0.5 sec(color framing/Standby ON)
Power Supply : AC 220 to 240 V
Power Consumption : 200 Watts
Operating Temperature : 5° C to + 40° C
Operating Humidity : 10% to 90%
Height : 175 mm
Width : 424 mm
Depth : 415
Weight : 44 lbs.

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