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Recon ULTRA Wireless System
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Recon ULTRA Wireless System

Price per Unit (piece): $3 649.00

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Switronix Recon Wireless system

Please specify at time of order if you need 3 stud or Sony V-Mount

The Switronix Recon Wireless system is a
low-cost, high-effiecient product. able to transmit
uncompressed, HD Video over 150 feet. The Recon Wireless is
available in two forms, RECON-HDMI (HDMI input) and
With fully uncompressed, high definition images with
embedded sound, the Recon Wireless exceeds all others on
the market.
Designed from the ground up for wireless transmitting HD from any camera to field monitors, is ideal
for live real-time viewing in professional quality, with a latency of less than 1 millisecond.
The director, producer and even film crew can see exactly what the camera is shooting in real-time.
The transmission is uncompressed for the highest
quality and encrypted for safety.
The Recon Wireless can be supplied power in two
different ways; by battery (V-type or 3-Stud
battery**) or by DC input via XLR-4p connector. It
was also designed with a back up power failure
function. If the external power is disconnected, it
will automatically switch to a connected battery. In
case of interference with another RF system, it’s
5.1GHz~5.9GHz will automatically adjust frequencies
on the fly.
Unlike other wireless transmitters, the
Recon Wireless has a built in HDMI to HD-SDI
converter, as well as an external antenna for a more
stable connection. It has fully uncompressed 1080
true cinema video with embedded sound and will
automatically detect PAL or NTSC.
Also being released is the #GP-RISE and GP-RISE-RED.
The GP-RISE is a V-mount to V-mount Riser
used to elevate and tranmsit power to either of the V-Type
RECON Wireless units(#RECV-HDMI or
RECV-ULTRA). By elevating the it reduces the possibility of interference.
The GP-RISE-RED unit will be wired to support RED battery data transmission to the RED ONE/EPIC/SCARLET.

Dimensions(TX/RX Body): 6.14”(W) x 8”(L) x 3”(D);
Ext. Antennaes 8”(L)
Weight: 1.8lbs.
Transmission Distance: 150’
Transmission Latency: ?1ms
Transmitter: 1 HDMI input, 1 HD/SDI input 1 HD/SDI Loop
through output
Receiver: 1 HDMI output 2 HD/SDI output
Supported Format: 1080p: 23.98psf, 24p, 25p, 25psf,
1080i: 50i, 60i
720p: 24p, 25p, 50p, 60p
SD: 480i, 576i
SDSDI: 525/59.94i (NTSC Equivalent), 625/50i(PAL Equivalent)
HDMI: HD 1080I, HD720P and NTSC/PAL


RECV-RISER: RECON RISER, V-Mount to V-Mount used to elevate and transmit power to either of the V-Type RECON Wireless units. $279

Please specify at time of order if you need 3 stud or Sony V-Mount

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